Geography Week 15th- 20th November

The theme for Geography week is Celebrating Geography. There are a few activities running throughout the week to mark the occasion such as:

1. A daily Riddles Competition in which both students and staff can taken part- answers to be posted in the entry box outside the science lab.

2. An Art competition to design a poster that represents the Geo Week 2020 theme Celebrating Geography

3. A Photography competition with three categories (a)Celebrating Geography in my 5km, b)Green Living (recycling, composting, doing something encouraging / promoting Green Living) and (c)Earth Love (open to student interpretation)


Monday’s Geo Riddle:

I have seas without water. I have forests without trees. I have deserts without sand. I have houses without bricks. What am I?

Tuesday’s Geo Riddle:

What is the fastest country in the world?

Wednesday’s Geo Riddle:

What is smarter, longitude or latitude? 


Science Week 8th-15th November

Experiment competition:

Students were encouraged to carry out a safe and fun science experiment at home and video it.

 Photography competition:

1st year students had to take 3 photographs. The topics were 1. Plants 2. Animals and 3. Water. The judges will be looking for creativity and good photography skills.

1st Year Table Quiz winners:

1A- Kedagh Broderick, William O’Meara & Jacek Boniakowski

1C- Oisin Lankoande, Sean Lyons & Tom Moylan

1B- Judy Cooney, Josh Horan & Lucy Daly

1D- Dectora Stevenson & Katelyn Smith


Darragh 1C was the winner in the “Water ” category Droplet
Laura 1C was the winner in the “Plants ” category
Alyssa 1A was the winner in the “Animals” category.

Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge 2020

Some of our IT classes participated in the National Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge which takes place from 2nd Nov to 13th November 2020. The challenge introduces computational thinking to students by allowing them to solve interactive tasks online. It is run in over 50 countries worldwide.

Bebras Challenge 2020
Bebras Challenge 2020
Bebras Challenge 2020