LOETB County Sports 2023

Report by Jerry Drennan

On Thursday last September 28th, Eighty Banagher College students set off for Tullamore Harriers Athletic Club to take part in the annual LOETB County Sports. With the position being rotated each year, the task of hosting and organizing this year’s sports fell to Oaklands Edenderry. Led by Gary Kiernan, the Edenderry school ensured that this year’s Sports was one to remember.

From a Banagher College point of view, there were many fine performances with numerous students availing of the opportunity to display talents that they may not ordinarily have the chance to reveal.

The highlight of the Banagher College performance came at the very end of the day when Aaron Molloy got up on the line to seal victory for Banagher College Boys in the U-20 relay. The other team members were Mark Kilkenny, Luke Bowe and Ricky Fitzsimons.

The Banagher Girls U-20 girls team also did well to claim a bronze medal thanks to a great effort from Jasmine Gohery, Enya Lodge, Aoife Byrne and Fianait Dooley.

Our First years really enjoyed their first ever County Sports and are eagerly looking forward to competing for five more years. Some exciting young athletes were revealed here with Patrick Larkin and Annie Mulhare both winning three medals each.

Leaving Cert student Mark Kilkenny  won a whopping four medals for four different events. There were many standout performances also such as Martin Mannion’s third place finish in a particularly gruelling 1500 metres, Enya Lodge taking part despite a wrist injury, Kayla Earner throwing the Discus with her alternate arm due to a camogie injury, Thomas Mannion’s double bronze and many many more.

We hope that these young athletes will have been bitten by the bug and go on to explore and develop their talents to the maximum. Incidentally, Banagher College finished in a very creditable second place in both the Junior and the Senior Competitions.

Congratulations to the overall winners Tullamore College as we all look forward to next year.


1st Year

  1. Charlie Flaherty Relay Bronze/100m
  2. Hugo Loonam Relay Bronze/100m Bronze
  3. Jack Connolly 200m Gold/Relay Bronze/Long Jump
  4. Patrick Larkin Relay Bronze/200m Bronze/800m Two Bronze
  5. Robert Wynne 800m Gold
  6. Jack Doorly Relay Sub
  7. Iarla Sheehan Long Jump Sub
  8. Oisín Larkin 800m Sub
  9. Elodie Loonam Relay Silver/100m
  10. Annie Mulhare Long Jump Gold/100m Silver/Relay Silver
  11. Grace Haverty 200m/800m
  12. Fia Lally 800m/200m
  13. Amy Kennedy Relay Silver
  14. Leila Monahan Relay Silver
  15. Rebecca Slevin Relay Sub

2nd Year

  1. Mike Corcoran High Jump/Relay/100m Bronze /800m
  2. Jack Kennedy Relay/200m
  3. Hugh Claffey 800m
  4. Karl Bond Relay
  5. Ben Palacz Relay/Long Jump Silver
  6. Adam Daly Relay Sub
  7. Leah Delaney Relay Silver/100m Silver
  8. Laura Foley 200m Silver
  9. Beibhinn O’Meara 800m
  10. Amber Gohery 800m
  11. Amy Kenny Relay Silver
  12. Grace O’Connor Relay Silver
  13. Maddison Keegan Relay Silver
  14. Emma McDermott High Jump/Relay Sub
  15. Isabelle Davis Long Jump

3rd Year

  1. Thomas Hanlon 100m Bronze /Relay Bronze
  2. Ricky Daly Lyons 200m
  3. Seán Farrell 800m Gold
  4. Seán Óg Larkin 800m
  5. Eoghan Higgins Keane Relay Bronze
  6. Seán Larkin Relay Bronze
  7. Killian Fitzgerald High Jump/Relay Bronze
  8. Dylan Gannon Relay Sub
  9. David Gannon Long Jump
  10. Thomas Spain Shot Putt Gold/Discus
  11. Robert Purcell Javelin /
  12. Alisha Cannon 100m/ High Jump/3rd Yr Girls Relay
  13. Tara Moran Discus/200m/3rd Yr Girls Relay
  14. Hannah Kilkenny Javelin/800m
  15. Tiffany Chen 3rd Yr Girls Relay
  16. Chloe Kennedy Relay Sub
  17. Lauryn Hogan 3rd Yr Girls Relay
  18. Kenzie Dolan Long Jump
  19. Faye Lynch Shot Putt


  1. Yago De Sebastian Alegria U-17 Boys Relay/100m/200m
  2. Ciarán Bracken 400m/800m
  3. Daniel Mc Donald U-17 Boys Relay/U17 Long Jump Bronze
  4. Jacek Boniakowski U-17 Boys Relay
  5. Miguel Eslava
  6. Daniel Jimenez Matas U-17 Boys Relay/High Jump
  7. Eva Larkin Long Jump/100m Bronze /U-17 Girls Relay Bronze
  8. Jennifer Boylan 200m/U17 High Jump Bronze
  9. Emilly Corcoran 800m/U-17 Girls Relay Bronze
  10. Laura Mc Cormack U-17 Girls Relay Bronze
  11. Ali Wynne U-17 Girls Relay Bronze
  12. Diana Chuhai U16 Long Jump Bronze
  13. Alyssa Killeen Sub

5th & 6th Year  

  1. Mark Kilkenny U20 Relay Gold/400m Silver/U20 200m Bronze /U-20 Long Jump Silver
  2. Martin Mannion U20 1500m Bronze
  3. Lee Hogan 800m
  4. Michael Boylan Javelin Silver/U20 200m Bronze
  5. Harry Grant Shot Putt
  6. Aaron Molloy U-20 100m Silver / U20 Relay Gold
  7. Paul Cannon Sub
  8. Ricky Fitzsimons U20 Relay Gold/High Jump
  9. Luke Bowe 400m/ U20 Relay Gold
  10. Fianait Dooley U20 Long Jump Silver/100m/ U-20 Girls Relay Bronze
  11. Sarah Clancy 800m/Relay Sub
  12. Aoife Byrne U-20 Girls Relay Bronze
  13. Enya Lodge U20 Silver/ U-20 Girls Relay Bronze
  14. Jasmine Gohery U-20 Girls Relay Bronze
  15. Patricia Kelly High Jump
  16. Kayla Earner Discus
  17. Amy Sullivan U20 Shot Putt Silver
  18. Hazel Kenny U20 Javelin Gold