Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Devices for Incoming 1st Years 2024-2025



  1. Is having the device compulsory for incoming first year students?

Yes, all students in the incoming first year cohort will be expected to purchase the device to assist them with their teaching and learning. This is the first year of the school’s new digital strategy, which will see the school eventually becoming a fully 1.1 school in the coming years, where each student has their own digital learning device.


  1. We already have a laptop/ tablet in the home. Could my child use this as their learning device?

No, this Lenovo 2-in-1 device with stylus has been specifically chosen to match the teaching methodologies and software that are utilised in the school. The Lenovo device has been carefully chosen both for its specifications and its robustness; as well as to to meet the specific requirements of digital learning in the school. You can see the device in action here


  1. How do I purchase the device?

The device can be purchased through the Wriggle Shop (, using the special Banagher College code that has been emailed to you. Wriggle is an experienced educational technology company that is both supplying the device, and setting it up to the school’s specifications.


  1. Can the device be purchased in instalments?

Yes at the time of purchase, Wriggle offer a pay-by-month instalment plan. The school has also contacted local credit unions, who are happy to support this initiative. Anyone interested can contact either Banagher or Birr credit union directly.


  1. How will the device be managed?

The device will be managed by Wriggle. It will come pre-installed with learning software and controls specified by the school, be locked down for educational use, and be provided with all necessary updates over the three-year support period.


  1. What is covered by the three-year device management fee?

You can find full details of the supports included in the plan here:  Wriggle Parents Service and Support


  1. What is the specification of the device?

The device is a Lenovo 300w two-in-one touchscreen Windows device with built in stylus. It has 128gb SSD hard drive and 4gb RAM.


  1. What if the device is not working?

If the device is not working, Wriggle provide a full support service. Many issues can be fixed remotely without the need for a technician to handle the device. If this is not successful, the device can be returned free of charge to Wriggle for repair.


  1. What if the device gets damaged? Is insurance available?

Yes, insurance is available to cover accidental damage etc. See Insurance (


10. What if I wish to buy the same device for one of my other children?

In this case the parent/guardian can contact the school. The school can then get in touch with Wriggle to organise to have the device set-up according to the school’s specifications.


For questions around the device and teaching and learning in the school, see the presentation below: