Welcome all visitors to our school website.  Here you will see many of the wonderful activities which are taking place in our school.

Ms. Lily Kinahan,  Principal

I wish every success to our students as they progress through our education system.  This is an extraordinary time in their lives during which they gradually leave childhood behind and become young adults.  All young people are different and have different personalities, learning habits, interests and talents, many of which are documented here.  I sincerely thank our dedicated staff for nurturing this uniqueness and assisting all students in reaching their full potential.

Parents also play a significant role in the education of their children and in the development of the school community.  I would like to thank all parents/guardians for your co-operation and participation in your children’s education.  If education is valued in the home, children will perceive their school in a positive, creative way.  Together, parents and school can provide an environment conducive to successful learning and personal achievement. We will continue to meet the challenge of providing excellent second level education in a rapidly changing world

Ms L Kinahan