LCA Mosaic

The LCA’s have been working on a mosaic guided by local artist Aiden Byrne. The mosaic is titled ‘Angel of Hope’ . Thanks to Aidan Byrne for all his work with the students.

Each symbol has a story behind it.

Banagher is unique as 3 counties meet here but so too do 3 provinces. Symbols from the provincial flags can be seen.
The book symbolises learning.
The growing footprints symbolises the growth and journey students take as the spend their years with us.
There are symbols of subjects and skills that students learn.
There is a plane to symbolise travel, our foreign students and our foreign trips.
The rainbow symbolises inclusion and the sun brighter days ahead. The heart represents the love that is shown to all in this school.
The heather is from the Offaly crest. The dove is a symbol used on our school crest.
The shamrock symbolises the 3 counties and provinces meeting in Banagher.