Science Week 8th-15th November

Experiment competition:

Students were encouraged to carry out a safe and fun science experiment at home and video it.

 Photography competition:

1st year students had to take 3 photographs. The topics were 1. Plants 2. Animals and 3. Water. The judges will be looking for creativity and good photography skills.

1st Year Table Quiz winners:

1A- Kedagh Broderick, William O’Meara & Jacek Boniakowski

1C- Oisin Lankoande, Sean Lyons & Tom Moylan

1B- Judy Cooney, Josh Horan & Lucy Daly

1D- Dectora Stevenson & Katelyn Smith


Darragh 1C was the winner in the “Water ” category Droplet
Laura 1C was the winner in the “Plants ” category
Alyssa 1A was the winner in the “Animals” category.