Geography Week 15th- 20th November

The theme for Geography week is Celebrating Geography. There are a few activities running throughout the week to mark the occasion such as:

1. A daily Riddles Competition in which both students and staff can taken part- answers to be posted in the entry box outside the science lab.

2. An Art competition to design a poster that represents the Geo Week 2020 theme Celebrating Geography

3. A Photography competition with three categories (a)Celebrating Geography in my 5km, b)Green Living (recycling, composting, doing something encouraging / promoting Green Living) and (c)Earth Love (open to student interpretation)


Monday’s Geo Riddle:

I have seas without water. I have forests without trees. I have deserts without sand. I have houses without bricks. What am I?

Tuesday’s Geo Riddle:

What is the fastest country in the world?

Wednesday’s Geo Riddle:

What is smarter, longitude or latitude?