Geo Week



The aim of Geo Week is to highlight the importance of Geography and understanding the world around us, the theme of this year’s Geo Week is ‘Geographical Education and the World Today’.

We organised some activities throughout the week, during our Geography classes. There were two daily activities for everyone to take part in.
Riddles – Each day there was a riddle up on the Geo Week noticeboard by back entrance/lift for all students and staff to enter. To enter students put their answer and name on a piece of paper and popped it in the box under the noticeboard. One winner was chosen each day. See daily riddles here.


Video clips – Each day all tutors showed a short clip during their tutor time. There was a short question or task to go with the video. See the question and links to the video clips here.


The other activities will took place during Geography classes, which included a 1st year quiz and 2nd year atlas scavenger hunt.


Pictures from scavenger hunt and 1st year quiz


Monday’s Riddle:

There is one of these called Easter, with statues of faces made of stone. If you were on a desert one, you’re probably shipwrecked and alone.

What is this thing?


Jack Byrne 1st Year

Mr. Lonergan


Tuesday’s Riddle:

What’s the laziest mountain in the world?

Wednesday’s Riddle:

What part of London is in France?

Friday’s Riddle:

Eskimos are very good hunters but they never hunt penguins. Why?

Video Clips

Monday’s Competition

Using your knowledge and information from this morning’s video clip, draw a diagram to explain the greenhouse effect.


Video link – Climate Change

Place your entry in the box with your name and class.


Tuesday’s Competition

According to today’s video, how much plastic trash enters the sea from land each year?


Video link – Plastics in our Oceans:

Place your entry in the box with your name and class.


Wednesday’s Competition

After watching today’s video, write a slogan for a poster on Climate change.


Video link – Protecting our Planet:

Place your entry in the box with your name and class.


Friday’s Competition

List 2 things that the Climate action plan sets out to achieve.


Video link –  Irish Government Climate Action Plan:

Place your entry in the box with your name and class.


Competition Winners

Congratulations to Rachel who won the poster competition held during Science Week.