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Science Week 8th-12th November 2021

As part of Science week many different activities are taking place.

2nd Years are visiting Birr Castle on Friday 12th.

1st years saw some amazing science experiments. Demonstrated by the wonderful science teachers.

Click on the links here to watch the videos:


LCA Science- Measuring Air Quality October 2021

Our LCA students installed diffusion tubes in 4 locations around the school grounds as part of the 6th GLOBE Program for air quality. Click here to see pictures. 

Insect boxes were also made and put in place in a joint effort by our JCA and LCA horticulture students. They are looking forward to monitoring the activity as the insects take up residence there! See Gallery for pictures. 


Other Class Activities

Before mid term some 3rd years got busy dissecting hearts. A good way to revise for their assessments after midterm. When the topic was covered last year, they never got to carry out the practical. See more pictures in Gallery.

Dissection of the heart- 3rd year science



Science Week 2020

Science Week took place from 9th- 13th November 2020. Some competitions were organised.

Experiment competition:

Students were encouraged to carry out a safe and fun science experiment at home and video it.

 Photography competition:

1st year students had to take 3 photographs. The topics were 1. Plants 2. Animals and 3. Water. The judges will be looking for creativity and good photography skills.

1st Year Table Quiz winners:

1A- Kedagh Broderick, William O’Meara & Jacek Boniakowski

1C- Oisin Lankoande, Sean Lyons & Tom Moylan

1B- Judy Cooney, Josh Horan & Lucy Daly

1D- Dectora Stevenson & Katelyn Smith

Darragh 1C was the winner in the “Water ” category Droplet
Laura 1C was the winner in the “Plants ” category
Alyssa 1A was the winner in the “Animals” category.